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It’s Smart to Pre-Plan- my personal story

My Mom & Dad told me that their final arrangements were made and he showed me the envelope that contained their information. I believed that inside I would find everything needed to honor their wishes when they died.

The day came when my Mom went into Hospice care and I opened the envelope, only to find that they had purchased mausoleum crypts, however, no funeral home arrangements had been made.
I became distraught-What would happen when she died? Where would she be taken? Who would attend to her body? Where would the memorial service be held?   None of this had been planned.

My Dad and I wanted to stay with her, not to leave her alone in her final hours.  “Arrangements” had to be made immediately, so my devoted husband, who adored my Mom, offered to take care of it.
Going to the funeral home alone, at this most stressful time, was one of the hardest things he had ever done. He selected her casket with tears streaming down his face, as it was such an intimate moment and her impending death became so real.

It was then that I knew, I did not want to burden my children with the task of making my final arrangements.
When my envelope is opened, they will have a funeral home phone number to call, see that all decisions have been made, costs have been covered and know then can rely on the funeral director to guide them through their time of loss.   

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